Rabbits, gerbils and hamsters

Rabbits are rewarding and popular pets. They can become part of the family but, as sensitive animals, are best suited to teenagers and adults. Children should only look after rabbits under parental supervision.

Naturally sociable, rabbits like companionship and prefer to live in pairs or compatible groups and their behaviour will reflect this. There are many breeds to choose from, although a rabbit of mixed breeding can offer just as much fun and companionship. Rabbits with long fur take much more looking after as the fur can become matted quickly and therefore requires daily grooming.

Rabbits are individuals - some will enjoy being stroked while others prefer to be left alone. As they are prey animals, rabbits always prefer to interact with you on ground level, where they will feel far happier and safer. If you sit quietly, most will happily come over and see you - especially for the occasional treat!

Rabbits that are regularly and correctly handled from an early age can learn to tolerate the experience, but remember that most will never feel comfortable, as it is not natural for them to be lifted up with their paws off the ground.

When you do need to pick up your rabbit, the safest way is to slide one hand underneath the body and in-between the front legs, with your other arm around its hindquarters, supporting its body weight. Place the rabbit against your body with its head towards your arm. Never pick a rabbit up by its ears or by the scruff of its neck. Always put a rabbit down gently, hind legs first, on a non-slip surface.

Here is what we will do...

  • Feed and water your rabbit, gerbil or hamster
  • Change the cage and give your pet new bedding
  • Give the rabbit, gerbil and hamster some companionship

What we charge...

Service Cost
Feed and water your Rabbit (per visit) £15
Change of bedding £10 (when combined with food and water)
Companionship £10 (per hour)
Additional Rabbits, Gerbils or Hamsters £5 (per per)