Dog Walking

Dogs love a good walk, and our dog walkers love to walk! A match made in doggie heaven!

Our pet sitters and dog walkers are very active. They nothing more than getting in the great outdoors and letting your dog stretch its legs. We understand there are all sorts of reasons and circumstances to enquiring about a dog walker and our understanding staff will help you choose the right pet sitter or dog walker for you needs. You need to love them as much as your dog will!

Our dog walkers will follow your exact instructions. If your dog is used to a particular route and length of time then that is what your dog walker will do. They will be fully flexible to you and your dog. We often have semi-retired or retired people who love to get outside whatever time of day so we will be able to match your requirements to precise times.

Our pet sitters and dog walkers care about the environment too, if we have a long standing contract with you, the dog walker will have their own poop bags and dispense of it correctly. For more ad-hoc requirements, we ask that you supply the poop bags for your dog walker to use.

All of our dog sitters and pet sitters are fully insured and police checked. They will all have references that will be made available for you to read upon request. At the end of the day the pet sitter and dog walker will be in your house so we want to make sure you feel comfortable with the type of person they are. We have dogs, cats, and all house hold pets at the forefront of our mind and that is most important thing for us. We don't employ anyone who is just wanting to make money, they have to be animal loving people, like us!

We are a dedicated bunch of animal loving people and we would be delighted to talk to you further about your requirements. You can call us on 07715 468 622, or email us at or fill in our contact form. If you want to request a quote, please click here.

Here is what we do...

  • Walk your dog for the duration and to the location of your choice

What we charge...

Service Cost
Dog walking (half an hour) £10
Dog walking (1 hour) £15
Additional dogs £3(per dog, per day)