Dog sitting

Thank you for thinking about UberPaws to look after your dog. We love dogs!

Dogs are man's best friend, or to be politically correct, a person's best friend! Dogs are loved by the whole family and are as important to most, as a child, if not more so in some cases! It's really hard leave them when you're going away, but here at UberPaws we can help make that a little easier. We have dedicated dog sitters who will work with you to deliver the care and attention your dog needs whilst you are away.

Our dog sitters will come and meet you before you go away to meet both you and your dogs. They will spend some time with the dog and give it a great big fuss, so that your dog and dog sitter are more familiar with one another.

Our dog sitters are aware that your dog will usually have company for the majority of the day, if not all of it, and we can meet those requirements. Dog sitters are available day and night! We can arrange for your dog sitter to be in the house all day and all night if you want it. We have a large database of friendly local dog sitters who are happy to spend a few nights away from their own home in order to make sure your dog has some much needed company.

As well as coming over to keep the dog company, and feed them, they will happily walk your dog too. We know dogs like to stick to familiar routes, so we will follow any instructions you give us on where to take them. With any luck, your dog won't even notice your gone! Feeding and watering your dog is standard, but your dog sitter will also do some value added things like playing with your dog and their favourite toy, grooming them, and keeping the house clean and tidy. All our dog sitters know how to use a hoover!

If you dog is due a vet or professional grooming appointment whilst you are away then we endeavor to find you a dog sitter with their own dog-friendly transport. This is strictly on an ad-hoc basis and subject to additional charges.

Your dog sitter will have access to all your details including emergency contacts, your contact details for while you are away and your vets details for emergencies. As most of the dog sitters we use have dogs themselves, they are well equipped to deal with any eventualities that may occur. They will also be able to administer any regular medicine that your dog takes. Any visits to the vet will be with permission from either yourself or your emergency contact unless your dog sitter believes it's a life threatening situation. We hope they will never have to make that call though.

We are a dedicated bunch of animal loving people and we would be delighted to talk to you further about your requirements. You can call us on 07715 468 622, or email us at or fill in our contact form. If you want to request a quote, please click here.

Here is recap of some of what we will do for your dog...

  • Visit your house and your pet when you want
  • Make sure your dog's normal routine is kept to
  • Feed and look after your dog
  • Administer your dogs medication
  • Give love and affection to your dog

What we charge...

Service Cost
Pop in Service
2 visits per day £17
3 visits per day £22
Additional dogs £3 (per dog)
All of our pop-in services include feeding, changing the water and walking your dog.
Home boarding services
Full day (24 hrs) From £30 (per day)
Day care (9am - 5:30pm) £21
Evening & weekend care (4 hours) £12 (£3 per additional hour thereafter)
Full weekend (Fri evening - Sunday evening) £50
Additional dogs £5 (per dog)
Home boarding includes feeding, watering and walking your dog as per their normal routine.