Cat sitting

Thank you for thinking about UberPaws to look after your cat. We love cats!

We are dedicated to making sure your pets time away from you is as painless as possible. Keeping them in familiar surroundings and some care and attention will go a long way to keep them from missing you too much! Our pet sitters are all local to Milton Keynes, Northampton and Bedford. They are all animal lovers and most of them have cats at home themselves. They are all experienced in cat sitting and have been pet sitters for years. Home is where the heart is for cats too, so pet sitting at your home is a much less stressful situation for your cat than a cattery.

We think it's really important that cats are kept in their usual environments and kept to their normal routine as much as possible. Our cat sitters will go to your house, feed your cat as normal and give them a bit of a fuss. If your quote includes an evening visit, your cat sitter can then spend some more quality time with your cat, giving them a groom, a cuddle and some general companionship.

Whilst you are away, your cat sitter will do some practical things at home whilst you're away, things that make your return back from holiday a little more bearable. They will run the hoover around, clear up any mess and get you some milk for that all important cuppa when you get home. The cat sitter will also close and open curtains, rotate lights that are on so it always appears that the house is being lived in.

The cat sitter will administer any regular medicine and will be given all your information, including emergency contacts details. They will also have your vets details should your cat need medical attention. This will be authorised by you or your emergency contact first as long as it is not life threatening.

We are a dedicated bunch of animal loving people and we would be delighted to talk to you further about your requirements. You can call us on 07715 468 622, or email us at or fill in our contact form. If you want to request a quote, please click here.

Here's a quick recap of some of what we do for your cat...

  • Visit your house and your pet when you want
  • Make sure your cat's normal routine is kept to
  • Feed and look after your cat
  • Administer your cats medication
  • Give love and affection to your cat

What we charge...

Service Cost
Full Boarding From £30 (per day)
A 1 hour visit per day £10
2 x 1 hour visits per day £15
Additional Cats £2 (per cat)