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These are our standard prices for pet sitting. Our prices are as flexible as our pet sitters, so it's worth asking for a personalised quote. We can tailor the quote around you are your pets needs.

House sitting

Service Cost
Full time house sitting From £30 per day
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Cat sitting

Service Cost
Full day From £32 (per day)
A 1 hour visit per day £10
2 visits per day £15
Additional Cats £2 (per cat, per day)
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Service Cost
Dog walking services
Dog walking (half an hour) £10
Dog walking (1 hour) £15
Additional dogs £3(per dog, per day)
Pop in Service
2 visits per day £17
3 visits per day £22
Additional dogs £3 (per dog)
All of our pop-in services include feeding, changing the water and walking your dog.
Home boarding services
Full day (24 hrs) From £30 (per day)
Day care (9am - 5:30pm) £25
Evening & weekend care (4 hours) £15 (£3 per additional hour thereafter)
Full weekend (Fri evening - Sunday evening) £75
Additional dogs £5 (per dog)
Home boarding includes feeding, watering and walking your dog as per their normal routine.
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Rabbits, gerbils and hamsters

Service Cost
Feed and water your Rabbit (per visit) £15
Change of bedding £10 (when combined with food and water)
Companionship £10 (per hour)
Additional rabbits, gerbils or hamsters £5 (per pet)
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Service Cost
Mileage to all locations for all jobs £ 0.35 per mile